Welding and Cutting Equipment

Sky Oxygen is your clear-cut choice for welding and cutting equipment and supplies in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and West Virginia. Our inventory encompasses a full breadth of welding and cutting technologies, including Stick (Arc), MIG, TIG, Carbon Arc, Plasma, and more. But we offer more than just torches and guns — we also carry all the industrial gases, consumables, and accessories needed to keep them working their best, and full repair and tech support services should any issue or defect arise. 


Welding Equipment

MIG, TIG, Stick, Sub-Arc, Etc.

  • Lincoln Electric
  • M.K. Products
  • Thermal-Arc
  • Miller
  • ESAB

MIG Guns & Accessories

  • Bernard
  • Binzel
  • CM Industries
  • Lincoln Magnum
  • M.K. Products
  • Profax
  • Tweco

TIG Torches & Accessories

  • C.K. Worldwide
  • Lincoln Magnum Pro-Touch
  • Weldcraft
  • Weldmark
  • Weld-Tec

Automation & Positioning Equipment

  • Bug-O Systems
  • Gentec
  • Gullco
  • Jetline Engineering
  • Koike-Aronson/Ransome
  • Preston-Eastin
  • Weld Engineering


Cutting Equipment

Carbon Arc/Slice-Burning Bars

  • Arcair
  • Oxylance

Oxygen Fuel Equipment

  • Concoa
  • Goss
  • Harris-Calorific
  • Koike-Aronson
  • Rexarc
  • Smith
  • Victor Western

Plasma Cutting

  • Hypertherm
  • Lincoln Electric
  • Centricut
  • Cut-Skill
  • Profax

Shape Cutting Machines

  • Cutting Systems
  • Koike-Aronson


We've got a bead on how to make get the most out of your welding and cutting operations with a full range of rental, repair, and support services.